Software design, development, and management

Our Services

Technology Management

Whether you're starting something new, or experiencing the pressure of explosive growth, we can help your team by applying our years of software engineering and team leadership experience.

Software Engineering

Our team can take on new projects or augment an existing team to help deliver software to meet your deadline and goals. Our team has more than 20 years experience creating software to automate routine tasks and delight customers with a friendly and valuable experience.

App Development

Our team can execute on your software specifications and build custom web-based applications, native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

MVP/Rapid Prototyping

Taking your idea and building a clickable demo or a minimally viable product to launch quickly is often the first step to launching a startup. We can advise you on the right approach and get your software in the hands of users quickly.

About us

5th Floor was founded by technology professionals who enjoy solving problems with software. We are based in Baltimore, MD and we work with organizations to build and maintain Software-as-a-Service products, mobile apps, business process automation, and more. 

Our mission

We aim to work with startups and businesses to deliver meaningful software tools and solutions, to equip them to achieve their goals, and to provide value through the quality of our work.

Working Together

  • First, a conversation! Let's make sure we're a good fit for each other.
  • Project Scope: We'll decide how we can work together to achieve your goals
  • Communicate regularly through scheduled check-ins, demos, or face-to-face visits